Working Weekend

Weekends are quite often my favorite time to do design work. Weekdays can often get filled up quickly with email correspondence and phone meetings but on the weekends my work mailbox seems to be much quieter. I have 4 (or is it 5 now) projects that are at various stages. Two that are nearly ready to launch save for the last minute bug squashing or code wrangling. Two that are in the branding phase. And 2 side print projects, 1 for my sister’s home-based winery and the other for my friend Lanny’s holiday open house. I spent half the day at a local coffee shop and am currently working from the dining room table and posting while uploading wine bottle labels to Dropbox. Once that’s done I’ll be packing up the laptop and taking it to our local Buffalo Wild Wings to have dinner with Mr. Handsome. And after dinner I will work some more while he watches the next baseball game in the World Series. It’s my idea of a GREAT Saturday. Complete with some Tazo tea in my favorite polka-dotted tea cup and a juicy caramel apple made by my favorite 9 year old.


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