Chalk Art Inspiration

I’ve been so in love with all the chalkboard art you see lately. Around town, on the web. It’s everywhere and I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of it. I love that it’s inspiring new font styles and design graphics for use in recreating the look digitally. Still nothing compares with the artistry of people like Dana Tanamachi who create these beautiful chalk drawings the old-fashioned way. So glad there are people out there bringing back this lost art. The following are some examples of her work. The first at Evernote (one of my favorite companies which deserves a post all it’s own).

Dana Tanamachi for EvernoteDanaTanamachiTommyChalkArt


Dana Tanamachi

images via Dana Tanamachi


  1. Wow that is so cool … I wish I could do that :) I love chalkboards ❤

  2. I did not know they did the drawings at AbiHaus in Abilene, TX. I’ve been! Its such a great place with good food, drinks and atmosphere! So random that I found this on your blog! Small world!

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