Ryan Davis, DDS




Hopeful World Collaboration

I have been incredibly blessed to be a part of this project. The graphics themselves were created entirely by the very talented artist and world-changer, Jen Lemen. I also worked very closely with Ria Unson and Henry Lohmeyer, who provided the vision for the design and how it would all work together. Their attention to detail speaks to my pixel perfection tendencies. Revision requests came in the form of “can you move this picture 2 pixels to the left?” or “nudge that menu 1 pixel lower?”.  A refreshing change sometimes to the more ambiguous terms most clients use, like “a little bit” for example,  or “a tad“.  : )

Their vision for the new site included some pretty complex navigation features that required a crash course in PHP scripting and manipulating html to do things that I’m not sure it had ever been used to do quite this way before. At least not based on the hours of pouring through forums and design sites for guidance along the way. It was a lot of late nights (and even all-nighters) but it has been the most rewarding project I’ve worked on thus far.

Hopeful Notes – the blog

You can visit the site at hopefulworld.org. Do me a favor and refresh your screen a few times on that landing page to see how we used some of their incredible images as backdrops to the menu. Then click through to the site and take a look around. Maybe even sign up for an online class. : )