Bello Via Logo Draft Process

It seems SO much harder to design for your own branding than for clients. Why is that?! The following image is the top 4 designs that I ended up choosing between. I’m still torn but I think the one I chose fit my objectives for the new branding more than the others. I’m hoping to bring a little more sophistication and professional flair to my design business and while I love the flowy scripty fonts personally I couldn’t see it appealing as much to maybe a doctor’s office or similar local business that I might love to work with. At the same time I felt that anything too stuffy wouldn’t really be a true representation of my style (and hopefully of what makes me unique in the design world). I also got feedback from people I trusted who knew me and know the direction I wanted to take my designs which is super important. That helps give you a sense of what your audience might think of your branding and next to it feeling like a great representation of ‘you’ it’s also super important that it speaks to the people you’re hoping to work with. Tough balance sometimes but I’m super excited to start handing out business cards with my new logo so to me that’s a win. : )

Stylist on the Spot

Brown Eyed Fox

Janelle Ashley Photography

My friend Janelle is an amazing photographer here in West Michigan. Check out her blogsite here:

And here’s a little behind the scenes peek at the logo process. The following image was our top 4 options and she posted it to facebook to get some feedback from her fans/friends.


Tara Means Business