Bello Via Design House is a Michigan based independent design studio with over ten years experience in freelance web design and development. We specialize in custom wordpress designs for individuals and small business. read more...


I've had the opportunity to be involved on some exciting collaboration projects. The Hopeful World site has been one of the most rewarding to date. I thoroughly enjoy new challenges and would love to bring your creative ideas to life.


Need new branding developed just for you and your business? Bello Via Design House offers logo and branding services starting at $250. Click here to view some of our past branding projects.

Recent Blog Posts

Working Weekend

Weekends are quite often my favorite time to do design work. Weekdays can often get filled up quickly with email correspondence and phone meetings but on the weekends my work mailbox seems to be much quieter. I have 4 (or is it 5 now) projects that are at various stages. Two that are nearly ready […]

Beyond Flattered

While doing a little maintenance on my own site the other day I noticed some incoming traffic from one of my favorite blogs. Things have been busy around here and I haven’t kept up on my blog reading. Truth be told I’m upwards of 1,500 posts behind on my feedly reading. Do you use feedly?? […]

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